49,000 of you responded to this important study

The decision is irrevocable: Donald Trump is banned from Twitter for life, even if he becomes president again in four years. As a reminder, the billionaire’s account was deleted on the platform following the violent entry into the US Congress on January 6th. The Republican’s attitude had been widely denounced at the time. He would have therefore encouraged the demonstrators to act and had taken a long time to call for calm.

Since then, many voices have been raised against this eviction. Some say the social network should not have the right to wipe out the voice of a democratically elected leader, although it would be scandalous. Others, however, believe that Twitter was way too casual in this area and should have acted long before that.

49,000 responses in 14 languages

The platform therefore continues to question the correct course of action when it comes to moderating guidelines. An investigation into this issue was launched last March and lasted several weeks. To showcase it, the company stated, “Politicians and government officials are constantly evolving the way they use our service, and we want our policies to remain relevant to the ever-changing nature of political discourse on Twitter and to protect the health of the public Conversation “.

The public met their expectations and the company announced yesterday that it had received 49,000 responses in no less than 14 languages. A company spokesperson told Reuters, “As our teams examine and distill the data, we look for key topics, new ideas, and creative thinking so we can update our approach and consider next steps. “”

However, Twitter stopped saying the content of the responses and whether they requested more or less moderation. It was a multiple choice questionnaire that confronted internet users with certain situations. For example, if the president publishes false information about covid-19, nothing should be done to limit exposure to the publication or immediately suspend the account.

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