Apple is trying to downplay its presence in the video game market

As part of the lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games released a lot of information about the Cupertino company. And vice versa.

This week in particular, we’ve had some new information about Apple’s position in the video game industry. Samik Chatterjee, a well-known analyst who works for JP Morgan, has revealed documents stating that Apple accounts for 23% to 38% of video game sales.

That sounds like a lot, but it is actually an argument in favor of Apple. Cupertino wants to prove that it cannot be accused of abusing a dominant position in a market over which it does not even control 50%.

Although Epic Games, as a player in the video game industry, bases its allegations on this area, the studio’s lawyers state that the alleged abuse of dominance is not just about gaming.

Apple defends its 30% commission

Epic Games criticizes the App Store in particular for its 30% commission, which is charged on all transactions. Apple, which in turn defends this commission under rules set by other companies. In addition, Apple states that the App Store has made a significant contribution to improving the lives of developers as some have multiplied their income by 10 in just a few short years.

Regarding Fortnite, Epic Games’ game that is at the origin of this conflict, Apple said that only 7% of the game’s revenue came from the App Store. In other words, the impact of the commission is therefore much less than what Epic Games reported.

With the aim of demonstrating that the App Store does no harm to Fortnite, Cupertino confirms that 95% of its users have already played Fortnite on a medium other than an iPhone.

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