Apple tried everything to convince Netflix to keep in-app payments

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple began this week, and the first statements were not long in coming. After the American judges questioned Epic Games’ decision not to offer their licenses for Microsoft xCloud, this time they decided to bring up the Netflix case.

As of 2018, Netflix has canceled in-app purchases by asking its users to go to the web version to sign in. The kind of decision that in normal times is not made with the Cupertino company.

Initially, this was a test by Netflix to understand whether or not users are more likely to log out when going through the Apple system.

A surprising reaction from Apple

This “test” bothered Apple very much, which did not know how to govern in the near future. Initially, Apple would have considered blocking certain features of the application on iOS in order to penalize Netflix, but a different position is quickly considered.

Apple preferred to limit itself to Netflix, doing everything it could to seduce the streaming giant and urge it to reconsider its decision. Cupertino company first reminded Netflix that the App Store had played a huge role in the rapid development of the platform before a strong argument was released.

Cupertino is doing everything possible to offer Netflix to cover part of its marketing costs or to reduce its commission for the App Store by 15%. Despite all of these efforts, Netflix will never reverse its decision, and to this day it is unlikely to change.

Apple, which we recall could have bought Netflix a few years ago. Instead, Cupertino completely missed its entry into the video streaming market.

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