BOOM, 20 GB are 5 euros at RED by SFR

Yesterday, RED by SFR ended a special operation to (already) fall back on a new offer – even more aggressive. We therefore had to wait almost three years before this triple XL cellular plan came back onto the market. This first “Best Of RED” operation enables multiple subscriptions at prices never seen before on the market.

When we know that operators tend to increase the price of their cellular plan to compensate for the heavy investment in deploying the 5G network, this deal is completely unexpected. Whether it’s the 20 GB package for 5 euros per month, the 60 GB package for 8 euros per month or the 130 GB package for 12 euros, the three packages are nuggets. No rival makes it halfway through this promotion.

To see these offers it is here:

See the RED by SFR offer

A legendary offer is back

For the past decade, RED by SFR has always been the driving force behind promotions in the mobile tariff market. It is he again who starts hostilities on Thursday with an unbeatable deal for his entire subscription. It is worth remembering that RED by SFR got acquainted with non-binding packages, which sets it apart from SFR, which remains true to its commitments.

To get into the details, the first mobile tariff in the promotion includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB for € 5 per month. A few hours ago, the same formula only included 5GB for the same price. And a few days ago, the same offer only included 1GB for the same price. Suffice it to say that RED by SFR skyrocketed the price of its subscription to attract new customers.

An overwhelming majority of the French will be happy with 20GB per month. If you use a smartphone regularly, this should be enough. However, if you have particularly intensive data usage, the second cellular plan from RED by SFR should convince you. The latter includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 60 GB for € 8 per month.

The latest mobile tariff for this Best-Of-RED operation is also our favorite: It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 130 GB for € 12 per month. A few days ago, the same subscription was € 25, the base price. You save 50% with complete relaxation.

Whatever the mobile plan is, we haven’t seen any better in the past 3 years. These prices are completely unexpected in the current context. While the telecommunications operators have gradually increased the average price of their subscription to around 15 euros per month, RED by SFR is giving in. And nobody really knows why.

See the RED by SFR offer

What is certain is that the special offer for this mobile tariff won’t last forever. At this price, there is no point in thinking about it for a long time. You have no risk, you are never committed and the price is unbeatable. Know that you can keep your number (if you come from the competition) for free. The entire process is carried out on the RED by SFR website at the time of subscription.

Why choose the RED by SFR package?

RED by SFR emerged from a reaction to Free Mobile in 2011. The operator has always relied on the non-binding mobile plan to attract its customers. By completely disregarding physical stores, the company has been able to drastically cut its structural costs to carry the savings onto the price of its subscriptions. In the end, customers manage their offer online (website or app) and benefit from extremely aggressive prices.

Even without a discount, the RED by SFR cellular plan is one of the most competitive on the market. Traditional actors don’t stand a chance against him. With this special (and unbeatable) offer, RED by SFR is light years away from the competition. It’s unlikely that its competitors will be able to keep up with this promotion. It is out of reach for the majority of the market.

By offering a non-binding mobile phone plan, the operator gives its customers the opportunity to look elsewhere. This obliges RED by SFR to always be as competitive and qualitatively as possible in order not to risk that its customers take part in the competition. But when you see the quality of the price (and that of its network) you can’t ask for more.

To see the mobile plans it is here:

See the RED by SFR offer

An optional RED box?

Without a doubt, the star of the next few days will be mobile tariffs at a reduced price. That means you also have to save money on the operator’s internet box. In fact, it is currently showing a very aggressive discount on a product that is also very flexible (non-binding) and transparent. If you don’t want to mess with a rigid and expensive formula, RED by SFR has the solution.

The RED Box will receive a shock discount for a few more days. This includes very high speed fiber optics (1 Gbit / s download) and unlimited calls (fixed and mobile) for € 29 per month. This also includes a TV decoder and 100 channels per month.

Whether it’s the mobile tariff or the RED by SFR box (to a lesser extent), both have rocked the market. The operator has cut prices on high-end products to harm all traditional gamers. While Free Mobile was the first to enter the niche, RED by SFR has since gained the upper hand over all telecommunications companies.

To discover the RED box, find it here:

See the RED by SFR offer

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