Finally a camera hidden under the screen of the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

When smartphones with borderless displays hit the market, manufacturers had to find a place for the front camera. Apple, for example, stays true to the notch it made widespread with the iPhone X. Some manufacturers have also tried to place this camera on top of mechanical devices that only appear when you want to take a photo. Currently, most of the Android device manufacturers position this camera in a bubble at the top of the screen.

The next trend could be the invisible front sensor. In essence, the camera is not placed on a notch, bubble, or mechanical device, but under the screen, under a part that becomes transparent when you want to take a selfie.

In fact, there is already a model that uses this technology: ZTE’s Axon 20 5G. Xiaomi has already announced that it will start mass production of smartphones with cameras hidden under the screen from this year.

An invisible front camera of the Galaxy S22 Ultra?

Unofficial sources suggest that Samsung would spend several months developing a mechanism that would allow its smartphones to have invisible front cameras. And today it becomes clearer.

In an article published this week, the Sammobile website features a publication of the ice universe on the Chinese social network Weibo. According to this release, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would actually have hidden a front camera under the screen that would allow for a screen without nicks or bubbles.

And of course this model could be a real concentrate of innovation. In addition to this invisible camera, the Galaxy S22 Ultra would also come with a periscope sensor, enhanced with continuous zoom. Thanks to a mechanism that allows the lenses to be shifted (between x3 and x10), this sensor would improve the quality of the photos.

In addition, Samsung would equip the Galaxy S22 Ultra with an Exynos 2200 chip, which is accompanied by a GPU developed by AMD Radeon. Thanks to this component, the graphics performance is higher than that of the A14 Bionic chip from Apple.

But for now, of course, this is still a rumor. In addition, you have to wait a long time before presenting the S22 Ultra. Usually this device will be released in the first quarter of 2022.

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