No, Microsoft does not receive any money from Xbox sales

You know very well that Epic Games attacked Apple a few months ago for abusing a dominant position in the App Store. This week, Apple’s lawsuit began in Oakland, California.

Epic Games criticizes Apple in particular for the 30% commission that is charged for all transactions via the App Store payment system. However, Epic Games doesn’t seem to want to go after Microsoft and Sony, who also receive a 30% commission on every transaction.

Why don’t Epic Games blame Micorosft and Sony the same way?

However, the explanation is quite simple. On many occasions, Tim Sweeney, Epic Games founder and CEO, has given reasons. Once again, during that lawsuit, Sweeney stated that Microsoft and Sony are not getting any money to sell consoles, unlike Apple, which makes huge margins on its iPhones.

In addition, Tim Sweeney believes that these almost perplexed sales make it possible to offer developers a huge and very lucrative market. By also indicating that video games are widespread on Xbox and PlayStation as Microsoft and Sony get most of their income from purchases.

Microsoft also offers a lower commission for Windows in the Microsft Store because the Windows market is much larger than Xbox’s. In fact, Windows is aimed at a larger audience and therefore has a myriad of other sources of income, unlike Xbox, which is all about games.

Apple, which, according to Microsoft’s logic, could also offer a lower commission, knowing that the iPhone is not only designed for gaming, but in particular that a large profit margin is generated during the sale.

The process progresses day by day and a lot of information reaches us quickly. We regularly publish new articles on this case.

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