Reopen Tinder, the physical leaves room for the intellectual

This week, Tinder introduced “Vibes,” a new feature that will be available later this month. The dating application has reserved a new tool for its users. Despite all the adversities, the number of meetings cannot be increased or your photos can be retouched. Instead, a suggestion to stimulate your conversation.

Yes, Tinder has just favored the intellectual by creating a little space for the silhouette holiness, the divine physical, and everything that enlivens the heart of its business model. Eureka! The service understood the problem that long-term human relationships could create.

One small step for Tinder, one giant leap into dating

Tinder has long developed its application as an interface, mediator, connection tool. To motivate singles to subscribe to his offer, the focus was on photos, the algorithm and the lack of validation that drives us. Until the next phase is forgotten: that of the meeting.

Users have been on their own for years. After the “match” was confirmed, they found themselves bonded with a cold, impersonal cat as their only tool, with no playful solution that would allow them to naturally open the conversation. You had to be content with a few photos, a description, a location … Not enough to rival meeting in real life.

But the restriction was a radical change. The video chat came when physical dating ceased to motivate Tinder users. The app understood one thing: after millions of singles had been successfully brought together, a solution had to be found that would facilitate the start of the exchange.

Months passed and Tinder launched Swipe Night, an interactive mini-series. Thirteen million members were able to debate with one another and discuss their decisions in the face of this haunting story of several everyday characters angered by an asteroid threatening to hit Earth.

As an “icebreaker”, Tinder put its members in a situation as if they had emerged from a film session with some of the topics of conversation, and at the same time created a first common experience between the interlocutors. It was a first step towards “Vibes”, the novelty announced this week.

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Essentially, this new feature is a series of multiple choice questions related to members’ tastes, views, and ideas on specific topics. By participating, all the responses will be displayed in the profiles to add a new topic of conversation after the “matches”.

“When members attend the current Vibes event, they can see their match responses right in the chat and start talking to these icebreakers,” Tinder commented in a statement. Vibes responses will be displayed on member profiles for 72 hours.

“Vibes” arrives in France at the end of the month and of course the dating application is not transformed. Even so, Tinder is gradually refining its formula by finally taking time to heal and support after the “match”. It would be naive to believe that this step will benefit your business. But even if the virtual dating giant realizes that real stories can flow from its application, it could underscore its small steps forward.

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