Sony could offer a “Slim” PS5 as early as next year

The Sony PS5 was launched on November 19th, almost six months ago, and it is still not traceable in stores. To be able to afford the console, one has to be lively and precise with a replenishment, with consoles that usually only go away in a few minutes. A shortcoming partly explained by a lack of components, but also by an impressive demand for the new PlayStation, which doesn’t stop Sony from achieving record sales.

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The PS5 Slim at home … before the PS5?

According to Digitimes, Sony could soon make a surprising decision to increase its production rate. According to Taiwanese magazine, the Japanese giant had the idea of ​​revising the console’s design in order to be able to incorporate a new 6nm semiconductor into the console.

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Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO, said the company is considering various solutions to address the global hardware component shortage. This could include the ability to change the design of the material or find secondary suppliers.

According to some, Sony may therefore decide to accelerate the development of a new version of its PS5, which, as one can imagine, could be of a more compact size to become the future “PS5 Slim” that we know will arrive Day or another in stores. In this way, Sony has not only been able to overcome the lack of components, but has also been able to redesign the design of its machine by creating a more compact and successful PS5, with the base model not being a design marvel. It is obvious.

In the past, Sony has always got us used to offering “slim” versions of its PlayStation. It started with the PSOne in 2000, then the PS2 Slim, not to mention various PS3 models. As for the PS4 generation, the 2016 Slim version was launched when the base console was introduced in November 2013. With the PS5, Sony was able to shorten this period of 3 years and offer a PS5 Slim a little earlier (from 2022?). to finally meet the demand. Ready for a PS5 Slim + Gran Turismo 7 Bundle?

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