The clubhouse fights and presents its plan of survival against the competition

For several months now, the media has been talking about Clubhouse, the new platform that users can use to chat in audio lounges. Currently the app is only available for iOS and only for internet users who have received an invitation. However, that didn’t stop Clubhouse from becoming extremely popular after an April fundraiser, reaching $ 4 billion in value.

While the clubhouse is still in its infancy, its concept is already of interest to many companies that take inspiration from it. As you probably already know, Twitter has developed a pretty similar service called Spaces, available for iOS and Android, and its access has recently expanded. For its part, Facebook has launched a major offensive against the audio format as well as an equivalent to Clubhouse in its social network.

These clubhouse-inspired companies include Spotify, Discord, and LinkedIn. As with Snapchat Stories, the Clubhouse popular format could be adopted by many online services.

With the arrival of these very numerous competitors, Clubhouse must struggle to survive. And his plan includes a program to support the creators. The company announced this acceleration program called “Creator First” in March.

Clubhouse helps developers make sure they have good content

After many applications, Clubhouse has announced the 50 developers who will benefit from this program. “With thousands of incredible submissions, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to apply. We were overwhelmed by the depth and variety of ideas offered by the community and look forward to future opportunities to work with even more developers as this program grows. Keeping the list down was the hardest part, but today we’re excited to present the shows that will be part of the pilot season, ”the ad reads.

According to The Verge website, Clubhouse will help these 50 developers for three months by providing material and a monthly grant of $ 5,000. However, the creators remain the owners of their content.

The list of 50 programs selected by Clubhouse includes interviews, games, news on various topics such as music, sports, health, etc. Obviously, Clubhouse’s strategy is to focus on content while the concept is already being reproduced by many platforms. That strategy could bear fruit because if today’s clubhouse is so popular, it is thanks in part to the influential people who opened lounges on the app.

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