Uneven Instagram quality revealed

You may have wondered why iPhones are better suited for taking photos and sharing them on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat stories.

On Android, the best smartphones compete day and night with Apple with state-of-the-art photo modules. In terms of properties, no difference could justify such an uneven representation.

However, once imported, Stories and Posts appear to be more optimized on the iPhone. The quality does not deteriorate, the picture is smooth, whether on the iPhone 12 as on the older versions of the product.

One puzzle solved and soon solved

With less than a month to go before the release of Android 12, Google has just solved the mystery of Apple’s advantage.

As reported by our colleagues at Android Central, the Android operating system will introduce a new API that will allow access to the algorithms of your smartphone’s cameras so that each application can save the most optimized content on their platform.

Until now, it was Apple’s secret.

The Apple brand has long opened up their photo modules to applications so that they can manage the camera tool in detail. And especially the size and compression of the images, which are essential for a good import on the platforms.

An API has already been released on Android to grant the platforms access to the camera. That said, it was way more limited than what Android 12 will be offering at the end of the month when the update comes out.

Not all smartphones will be equipped with it from May 18th (estimated release date of Android 12), as the availability of new Android versions depends on the models and brands. Pixel smartphone users (Google) should logically be the first to benefit.

In its article, Android Central wanted to understand why Android never fully opened its camera algorithms to third-party apps. This would arise from a conflict of interest (brands prefer users to take photos with their own app) and a security issue (many malicious apps edit or camera apps).

Hopefully our stories can be optimized on Android just as they are on iPhone while protecting our privacy.

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