Doctolib reveals a feature that allows you to get vaccinated within 24 hours

Emmanuel Macron has just announced that from May 12, 2021 vaccination against Covid-19 will be open to all French people over the age of 18 in free places. In parallel with this announcement, the Doctolib platform told the press that from May 12th it will introduce the possibility of vaccination the next day, even if it means that it will have to travel a few kilometers.

Our colleagues at BFM Business were able to obtain the statement from Stanislas Niox-Château, the co-founder and CEO of Doctolib: “All French adults can go to Doctolib to make an appointment for the next day. It will be very easy. All means are good to speed up the campaign and that will represent thousands of meetings. In France, around fifty centers are available within 24 hours. A total of around 20,000 appointments are made every day. “

The vaccination opens up more and more

Since the vaccination began, Doctolib has been working to speed up the process. However, there are other initiatives such as “Vite Ma Dose!” So you can see the dates available on Doctolib, Maiia, Ordoclic, KelDoc or even at the same time. Developed by Guillaume Rozier (the inventor of CovidTracker), this platform provides access to accurate information depending on the department or city in which one is located.

Thanks to the initiatives of Doctolib, Vite Ma Dose and many others, vaccination seems to be accelerating in the last few days. Now people over 16 are affected by comorbidities, as well as any French over 18 who have high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases.

For its part, Google is stepping up its efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. The Mountain View company not only fights against the increasing disinformation since the beginning of vaccination, but also uses its immense cartographic knowledge. For several weeks now, Google Maps has been showing where test centers for carrying out tests are located.

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