Tesla is building a secret building

While the Berlin Gigafactory near the Texan Gigafactory is behind schedule, Tesla is pulling a huge building out of the ground. This project, known as the “Bobcat Project,” was revealed through documents recently filed with the local community. Tesla has submitted documents to the city of Austin for a new installation with no further details.

Today the Austin Business Journal states, ‚ÄúDocuments recently filed with the City of Austin indicate that Tesla is planning another facility on its land in east Travis County. There are not many details on how to use the facility and project representatives declined to comment or could not be reached at the time of publication. However, a site map submitted on April 30 for Tesla’s “Project Bobcat” shows that another industrial building is being built on Harold Green Road near the company’s $ 1.1 billion gigafactory. “

Tesla says nothing more

Knowing where this building will be placed is difficult because Tesla has a variety of lots around the factory. The American media Electrek mapped the entire land acquired by Tesla around the Gigafactory (Orange Point). The blue point represents the place where a construction site started.

© Electrek

According to the municipality, Tesla could build a facility of nearly 40 hectares. To know that Tesla is planning to build a battery cell factory at this point, the manufacturer would simply have to reuse an existing building. At the moment it is impossible to find out more about this mysterious site.

Elon Musk also announced some time ago that his company would build an ecological paradise open to everyone around the Texas Gigafactory.

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