AirPods are more profitable than Spotify, Uber, and Snapchat combined

In December 2016, Apple released AirPods, its first wireless headphones. Success was there very quickly. A success that has not been denied since then. However, behind these very good results, it is sometimes difficult to imagine what the amounts shown really mean.

Internet user StatsPanda, who specializes in creating data visualizations, made a very interesting comparison. AirPods’ 2020 revenues have been linked to those of other big tech companies.

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Apple still has significant growth potential

And there the headphones, which grossed $ 23.05 billion, are surprisingly better than established companies like Adobe, Uber, NVIDIA, AMD, Spotify, Square, Twitter, Shopify, or even Twitter. You even have to add up Spotify, Uber, and Twitter earnings to get the AirPods total in 2020.

To make this comparison, StatsPanda states that it was inspired by an equivalent analysis conducted by Kevin Rooke in 2019. Again, the AirPods were in fourth place on their list, just behind Tesla, Netflix and Uber. The analyst also noted at the time:

As investors look forward to anticipating the future impact AirPods will have on Apple’s business, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, AirPods sales have a significant margin of growth. According to the above estimates, over 100 million AirPods have been sold since launch, while Apple’s installed base of iPhone is 900 million. This means that almost all iPhone users are still using wired, third-party headphones, or none at all. There are therefore many opportunities to acquire new customers.

These observations confirm the observations made in the report recently published by Canalys. Experts note that the Apple brand sold 108.9 million Apple and Beats headphones and earbuds last year, much more than in 2019 when the total was 84 million.

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