Illegal sports streaming sites are full of malware

This finding won’t come as a surprise to those used to illegal streaming sites. These are often filled with more or less questionable content and unwanted popups. Experts at cybersecurity firm Webroot came to the same conclusion after conducting an analysis on pirate sites that offer live soccer.

Bitcoin scams, malware, and unwanted antivirus software

When observing platforms that broadcast illegal streams from major European leagues, analysts found that 92% of websites contained “some form” of malicious content.

By this term we mean various scams and in particular Bitcoin scams, but also the installation of malware. Users are also sometimes asked to download paid applications or rogue antivirus programs that do not provide protection. The authors state the following on the matter: ‚ÄúStreaming sites are often exposed to fake virus scans that encourage visitors to download antivirus software. “”

However, given these threats, there are certain alternatives. For those who have the means, the legal offer is obviously preferable and allows many problems to be avoided. Using a powerful antivirus solution or an ad blocker is also important in view of the risks involved. Either way, vigilance remains, and even with the right protection, users must learn not to accept everything.

How do you explain the presence of so many threats on these streaming sites? Our colleagues at TorrentFreak offer an interesting analysis on this topic. Accordingly, the managers of these illegal platforms have seen the departure of many well-known advertisers in recent years. Indeed, large corporations have been identified as indirect supporters of these pirates. From then on, and in order to survive, they turned to much less ethical means of making money, to the great misfortune of the visitors.

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