Mother’s Day: 5 high-tech gift ideas

Mother’s Day is approaching and you have problems finding a gift idea? How about a high-tech giveaway this year?

We have prepared a selection of 5 products for you that could make your mother happy for Mother’s Day. There is something for every taste, every age and every budget.

A smartphone: iPhone 12 Mauve or Galaxy S21

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Granted, giving away a smartphone for Mother’s Day is a good budget. Nevertheless, there is something for every taste and budget. And as long as you like it, you can just as easily orient yourself to the currently most attractive models.

Why not go for an iPhone 12 Mauve that was just released by Apple? The latest pommé smartphone features a brand new design, premium performance and exceptional photo quality. Everything in a still intuitive interface. It is also available in a mini version, also in purple, for fans of the genre.

iPhone 12 64 GB at the best price Base price: € 909

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In the Android universe, the Galaxy S21 has conquered all observers. The Violet model is no doubt our favorite, but like Apple, Samsung offers a range of other colors. In short, the S21 is the Android counterpart to the iPhone 12.

The handling is excellent, the brand new design is attractive, and the performance is excellent. What about the photo quality, which is just as compelling as the iPhone 12?

Galaxy S21 128 GB at the best price base price: 859 €

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Finally, if you really want to give away a smartphone for Mother’s Day but your budget is more limited. We recommend turning to models like the iPhone SE, the Galaxy A52 5G or the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro.

A connected watch: Apple Watch SE or Galaxy Watch Active 2

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A watch is always a nice present for Mother’s Day. What if you had decided on a connected model this year? While the Apple Watch Series 6 is arguably the best watch, we recommend its sister, the Apple Watch SE.

More affordable, it’s more of a Mother’s Day gift even if it’s already a good budget. Apple’s Connected Watch is the most complete on the market to date, both in terms of the accuracy of its analyzes and in terms of the multitude of functions available.

The SE version combines all the essential elements of Series 6 and thus perfectly meets the expectations of an active and / or sporty mother. As long as she’s an iPhone user.

Apple Watch SE at the best price base price: 299 €

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If not, other watches are just as tempting. At Samsung, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 has more than one argument to make. It differs elegantly from the Apple Watch by its round rather than square dial. Samsung offers a range of bracelets to meet all needs.

Like the Apple Watch, it is very precise and complete. And most importantly, it’s a lot cheaper than the pommée clock.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 at the best price Base price: 219 €

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After all, the OnePlus watch and the Xiaomi watch are interesting and cheaper alternatives. The Fitbit Versa 2 is also a very popular model with women, especially the purple model with a gold dial. So you are spoiled for choice.

Wireless headphones: Galaxy Buds Pro

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If your mom has an iPhone, the AirPods Pro wireless headphones are the best audio gear to recommend for Mother’s Day (headphones are for Christmas).

If she’s using another smartphone, we recommend the Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung’s latest true wireless headphones. Why them rather than the others?

Not for their sound quality, which doesn’t beat the competition. Not for their noise reduction either, good, but not exceptional either. But for its design, both discreet and terribly sexy (especially in purple).

The Galaxy Buds Pro, while rounded, does not adopt the “stick” design of most true wireless headphones. Their glossy coating and extremely compact housing also make them a fashionable accessory. Perfect for combining business with pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro at the best price base price: 229 €

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A connected speaker: Amazon Echo Dot

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Let’s stay in the world of audio and take a look at the phenomenon of connected speakers. There is something for every taste and budget. That’s why we’ve put together a very complete guide on this topic.

It’s all well and good, but which model to choose for Mother’s Day? In our opinion, the Amazon Echo Dot is the best value for an affordable, useful, and sexy gift.

It sells for only 59 euros and, thanks to a spherical canvas design, invites itself discreetly into any piece of furniture. The sound quality is very good and the speech recognition (Alexa) extremely effective.

Amazon Echo Dot at the best price Base price: 59 €

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If you’re not particularly interested in the Amazon ecosystem, you can also opt for the Nest mini ($ 49), Google’s compact speaker, or the HomePod mini ($ 99) for compatibility with Apple products to guarantee.

Finally, larger speaker models with first-class sound quality (Bose, Harman Kardon, Sonos) or with a screen (Google Nest Hub) are also available. We then go to much higher prices.

Google Nest Hub 2 at the best price Base price: € 129

An e-reader: Kindle Paperwhite

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Is your mother more interested in reading? Have you ever thought of giving him an e-reader? You probably know the benefit of having a library with thousands of books in a very small format (on vacation, in transport) with you.

In 2021, the e-reader market will be well supplied. In our opinion, Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite remains a benchmark model. It perfectly combines reading comfort (with its beautiful 6-inch screen) and compact format for just over 100 euros.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite at the best price base price: 129 €

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If your budget is bigger, the Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s high-end model. The screen is bigger and brighter. Most importantly, it has a space that can be grabbed with one hand for easy reading.

Kindle Oasis at the best price. Base price: € 249

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On the contrary, if you are on a budget, the 2019 “classic” Kindle is an excellent compromise. Smaller than the Paperwhite, it costs around 70 euros and allows you to start the reading experience on an e-reader.

Kindle (2019) at the best price Base price: 79 €

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So much for our 5 high-tech gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Obviously this is only a small selection. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you can take a look at our more comprehensive buying guides.

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