Sorry human friends, your answers are considered less reliable than those of an AI

Do you prefer to take the advice of a friend or the Netflix algorithm for your evening film session? We have to admit that the question really arises as artificial intelligence has become more prominent in our lives. University of Georgia researchers decided to work on this topic.

For this purpose, they started a study with 1,500 participants. The latter were asked to look at a series of images and had to estimate the number of people present in each photo. More and more people were present in these pictures, and the estimation then became difficult. To help them make their choices, the scientists suggested that respondents follow the advice of humans or algorithms.

Previous surveys confirm this idea

The result is very clear: the participants preferred to follow the instructions given by the AI ​​rather than those of their colleagues. The greater the level of difficulty, the more popular the algorithmic decisions were.

These results may be questionable, and although technology has made great strides in recent years, machines still make a lot of mistakes. So there is no indication that they will always be right, and in some cases it can also be a good idea to trust people.

The results of this research are ultimately not that surprising. In 2019, Oracle and Future Workplace conducted a survey of 8,370 employees in ten countries including France. 64% of employees said they trust a robot more than their manager.

Another recent study by Oracle also found that 67% of individuals and professionals trust AI more than they do a human to take care of their finances. In detail, we find that 77% of executives attach more importance to what the machine can say than from the point of view of their finance teams.

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