A beta version of Clubhouse for Android is available

During their first delivery, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth came up with the idea of ​​developing the clubhouse. An application only available on iOS that allows you to participate in rooms where people are discussing a topic. For the first time ever, Clubhouse is a platform that doesn’t prioritize photos or videos, just audio.

This application is becoming very popular very quickly. Despite its recent appearance, the clubhouse has a history full of twists and turns. After Paul Davison and Rohan Seth had the honor of seeing Bill Gates and Elon Musk pass by on their platform, they saw a dramatic increase in the number of new users. In a very short time, however, the hype surrounding the clubhouse subsides and the platform is empty.

Everyone immediately has their own explanation. Clubhouse is too bigoted for many, and the fact that it requires an invitation to join the platform doesn’t help this situation. For others, the decision to continue focusing on iOS underscores this closed aspect. Fortunately, Clubhouse has been planning to release an Android version for many weeks.

Clubhouse comes to Android

Today it’s official, a beta version is available for Android. The application is currently only available in the US, but should arrive in France soon. On its official blog, Clubhouse states: “We are pleased to announce that Clubhouse for Android is now available in beta. We will gradually start with the United States, followed by other English-speaking countries and the rest of the world. “

It is not immediately possible to determine the schedule Clubhouse has planned to deliver its service to the Android community. We just have that all the features of the iOS version should be available on Android. You can already pre-register to be informed about the development of the application and to find out when it will be available on Android depending on your location.

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