Bouygues Telecom ends its XXL offer for the 140 GB package at midnight

This weekend Bouygues Telecom showed its most beautiful face. The operator has reduced the price of all of its cellular plans without obligation. On this particular Very B & You operation, the prices for subscriptions of 20, 60 and 140 GB dropped dramatically.

These deals were originally supposed to end last night. Given the success, Bouygues Telecom decided to exceptionally extend the blocked prices until midnight on Monday evening. So you have one last chance to take advantage of one of these discounted packages. Starting tomorrow, the price for the same mobile subscriptions will increase.

To discover the offers, you can find here:

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An extremely competitive offer

In recent years, the average cost of the cellular plan has tended to increase. Indeed, telecom operators have proven to be less generous than before in funding heavy infrastructure developments (and especially the 5G network). To save money, you need to be patient and responsive to get the best deals.

And that’s exactly what Bouygues Telecom has to offer until Monday evening. It has not been on the market since the beginning of the 2018 school year, that is! The discounts on the 3 mobile plans offered exceed 50%. Compare with the cost of your current subscription, you will be very surprised.

The most compelling of the cellular plans on offer is the most generous in terms of data: it includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, plus 140GB of data (including 15GB that can be used in the European Union and French overseas departments) for € 12.99 per month. A few days ago this subscription easily exceeded € 20 per month. As a bonus, Bouygues Telecom is adding 2 free months to the Spotify Premium service.

If you use your smartphone a lot, this 140GB plan is a nugget. For those who play games on their mobile phones, watch movies on their small screens or use social networks frequently, this subscription allows them to get through the years with all serenity. Indeed, over time, applications become more and more sophisticated in terms of data. We must therefore prepare for the years to come.

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A plan from € 4.99 per month

If you have much more limited use of 4G internet on your smartphone, Bouygues Telecom offers other solutions. There are two offers in the B & You range that may be of interest to you. The first option allows you to make unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 20 GB (including 12 GB in the EU and in the DOM) for € 4.99 per month. From the point of view of the price-performance ratio, this offer is very attractive: A few weeks ago the operator limited the data to 200 MB per month for the same price …

For the average French person, this 20GB mobile plan is perfect for everyday use. To him with 2 months for free with Spotify Premium. Other services such as Norton or Onoff are available free of charge for the first month. And as always, the B & You range is non-binding. You can therefore cancel this 20 GB plan at any time without prior notice.

Finally, the last subscription proposed as part of the Very B & You process is the 60GB per month subscription. It therefore includes this data volume (including 12 GB in the EU and in the DOM) as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for € 7.99 per month. The savings with this mobile tariff are once again gigantic. If you’ve set yourself a limit below the monthly $ 10 mark, this is a nugget.

Bouygues Telecom, an impeccable operator

If you’ve been hesitant about changing your cellular plan, Bouygues Telecom should definitely convince you on Monday. There are only a few hours left to do business and secure discounted prices. In addition to the competitive prices (unbeatable, believe us), the operator benefits from a very good service in order to retain its customers. B & You offers are non-binding, which forces the operator to always remain flawless.

Among the strong arguments, we can first cite the quality of the Bouygues Telecom network. Whether you are in a big city or in a rural area, you will always have a good reception. ARCEP has also ranked the latter as the second best network in France. Note that the 5G network will also be rolled out gradually – and a B&Y cellular plan is available in this regard.

Finally, note that Bouygues Telecom pays great attention to the quality of its customer service. Even if the B&Y plan doesn’t allow you to go to the store, you are still entitled to online customer support (and phone) for assistance. The latter is very responsive at all stages of your trip. Therefore, you will never be isolated when faced with a problem.

In the end, this Very B& You operation is a cherry on the cake. Regardless of which mobile tariff you choose from the B & You range, you will receive very good service. As a bonus, the subscription price will drop until midnight tonight – why turn it down?

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