Dogecoin becomes the currency of a moon mission

On April 1, Elon Musk got serious when he tweeted that he was planning to send Dogecoin to the moon. Uncomfortable status cryptocurrency has just taken a new step in trading. SpaceX will take on a space mission in early 2022 that will be fully funded by the digital token.

A few hours after the Saturday Night Live broadcast, which featured Elon Musk as a special guest, Geometric Energy Corporation announced the Dogecoin-funded mission. That company will be the future customer of SpaceX and its Falcon 9 for a very classic launch – regardless of its payment method and destination.

Dogecoin on the moon

After Bitcoin at Tesla, Dogecoin has reached SpaceX. “We are very excited to launch DOGE-1 on the moon! Tom Ochinero, Vice President Commercial Sales at SpaceX, said, “This mission will demonstrate the use of cryptocurrencies outside of orbit and lay the foundation for interplanetary trade.”

The amount of the mission was not disclosed. We only know that SpaceX and Geometric Energy Corporation will launch a 40 kg cubic satellite as a payload. The mission of the machine will be “to receive lunar space information from sensors and on-board cameras with integrated communication and calculation systems”, the two companies described in a joint statement.

SpaceX will launch the Doge-1 satellite to the moon next year

– Mission paid in Doge
– 1. Crypto in space
– 1st meme in space

To the mooooonnn !! https: //

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 9, 2021

The demonstration is intended to show the seriousness of krytocurrencies on the stock exchanges, but also to concretise the expression “To The Moon” word for word in order to describe the exponential price growth of digital tokens such as Dogecoin.

At a recent record high of $ 0.74, the price has risen more than 8120% since Jan. 23. An increase far beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum to reach fourth place in the ranking of the most important current cryptocurrencies.

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