Has Apple just wound up the glucometer?

If Apple is the number one for connected watches today, it is in part thanks to its strategy, which has largely focused on monitoring physical activity and health. And every year the company equips its watch with new sensors to monitor health status. The latest model, the Apple Watch 6, already has an EKG sensor and an SpO2 sensor that you can use to determine the level of oxygen in your blood.

And the next novelty supposed to be could be a glucometer or a sensor that measures blood sugar levels, a feature that will be especially useful for people with diabetes. For now, of course, this is just a rumor that Apple has not yet confirmed.

However, according to a recent article published by our colleagues at 9to5Mac, Apple is very interested in monitoring blood sugar levels. According to this article, the Cupertino company recently sent a survey to Apple Watch users to find out how users are using their product.

The quiz contains questions about the various functions of the Apple Watch. Also, Apple asks users if they are using third-party apps to monitor diet or manage healthcare such as: B. Medication or blood sugar monitoring.

In essence, this is a topic that interests Apple. However, because the company never shows off its new features in advance, it will take a long time to find out if the Apple Watch will eventually qualify for a blood glucose sensor.

Another sensor that could revolutionize your evenings

While awaiting the release of the next generation Apple Watch, several rumors are circulating about it. For example, recently we learned that a company that supplies Apple is developing a blood glucose sensor, which suggests it could supply that sensor to the Cupertino company.

In addition to providing Apple with a blood sugar sensor, this company could also offer a sensor that can be used to measure the level of alcohol in the blood. If this sensor were offered on the Apple Watch, the watch could, for example, send an alert to the user if they have had too much to drink or if they are about to drive if they have exceeded the allowed limit. But for now, all of this remains hypothetical.

In any case, Apple has an interest in continuing to offer interesting products as more and more smartphone manufacturers also offer connected watches, and this at a time when demand is expected to increase. “The normalization of economies coupled with a growing interest in health and fitness will help the smartwatch market grow. We expect weak double-digit growth over the medium term – possibly higher if average sales prices are falling rapidly, ”said a report released earlier this year by Counterpoint.

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