More and more French people are visiting illegal streaming sites

The result is certainly not new, but the trend is tending to increase. The High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Internet Rights (Hadopi) has published a study on the frequency of illegal streaming sites in France.

The independent authority first returns to observing a sharp increase in the consumption of dematerialized cultural goods in France. In particular, this practice affected 89% of internet users in April 2020 compared to 81% in May 2019. A growth that accompanies an increase in the use of illegal websites and peaked in March 2020: 14.2 million internet users.

The range of illegal websites is very fragmented

An average of 12.7 million French people visited these portals with pirated copies or around 24% of the population. The authors find that livestreaming sports broadcasts attracted 2.4 million people, or 19% of internet users, who visited a website with illegal content. An average that needs to be corrected upwards as it decreased during the first tightness when competitions came to a standstill.

Incidentally, streaming and direct downloading are still the two most popular practices among the French: β€œThey affect three quarters (71% or 9 million internet users) and more than half (54% or 6.9 million internet users) of internet users, respectively with illegal uses ”.

The Hadopi notes that the audience of these portals is increasingly fragmented. Many are mirror pages: They are replicas of services that were the subject of a blocking decision.

As a reminder, the government plans to merge CSA and Hadopi into a single structure called Arcom: audiovisual and digital communications regulator. The goal is clearly defined: Better fight against peer-to-peer piracy, illegal streaming or even pirated copies of sporting events.

Recently, LREM MPs also backed a proposal aimed at “combating the illegal proliferation of sporting events and competitions”. In particular, it might be possible to react much faster if illegal portals create mirror pages.

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