Most users opt out of ad tracking

This is surely the most commented novelty of this iOS 14.5 update. Apple offers its users a tracking tool against ad tracking. Specifically, the latter are warned when an application collects their data and wants to pass it on to third parties, and they can oppose this.

The analysis company Flurry Analytics carried out a study on this option. To do this, the company relied on a large database with a selection of 5 million users in the US and the rest of the world. The observation is very clear from the start and an overwhelming majority of iPhone owners will turn down ad tracking when asked.

Some developers’ economic model is upset

In detail, and as of April 26th, between 11 and 13% of Apple customers accept tracking when a notification is sent to them, versus 87-89% who decline. In the US, the trend is even clearer with an acceptance rate between 2 and 5%.

This survey is bad news for some web giants like Facebook, whose business model relies heavily on ad targeting. As a reminder, the group strongly declined to implement this feature. After its deployment, Mark Zuckerberg’s company does not admit defeat and has sent a message to Facebook and Instagram users on iOS 14.5:

For this version of iOS, we need to request permission to track certain data from these devices in order to improve your ads. Find out how we will limit our use of this information if you don’t enable this device setting. We use information about your activity that you received from other apps and websites to: Show you more personalized ads and keep Facebook free [et] Help companies that rely on advertising reach their customers.

We don’t really know if this argument convinced internet users, but this new option is definitely shaking habits in the mobile application market.

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