the next Netflix creation that will make people unable to sleep

It seems we are still a long way from taking the post-apocalyptic film tour. Directors double their inspiration in this area. After “A Quiet Place”, where the slightest sound can kill you, and “Bird Box”, where opening your eyes is strongly recommended, you will discover “Awake”, one of the next Netflix hits. As with “A Quiet Place” and “Bird Box”, the mechanism of “Awake” prevents the protagonists from using one crucial meaning in this case: sleep.

A special concept that Mark Raso presented for Netflix. While a mysterious event robs the entire world of electricity, people also discover that they can no longer sleep. However, you are not unconscious that sleep is important. As Mark Raso shows with “Awake”, a person who is deprived of sleep can go through several phases. Disorientation, then hallucinations that go through hysteria, this is the world Awake will plunge us into from June 9th.

Impossible to sleep

As a reminder, a third of our lives are devoted to sleep, a natural phenomenon that is essential for our wellbeing. In 1965, Randy Gardner, a 17-year-old American college student, spent 264 hours (11 days and 11 nights) without sleep, still the longest sleep deprivation ever. During this immense amount of time without closing an eye, Randy Gardner notices that he is more aggressive and has difficulty concentrating. He also explains that his gestures are less precise, that his words are less fluid, and that he reacts much more slowly.

At the height of his fatigue, Gardner says he had visual hallucinations but was never a true zombie as you might think. After 11 sleepless nights, Randy Gardner even managed to play basketball and secure a press conference. However, other similar experiments show much more terrifying results. One thing is certain: awake should disturb your sleep for at least one evening.

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