Uber’s portfolio of activities holds many surprises in store

Long before going public in 2019, Uber was always struggling with its model. The expansion of the activity portfolio quickly proved to be a lifeline in light of his work at VTC, far from being solid in the face of legal and competitive problems.

Last week, Uber returned to Uber Grocery, its new supermarket grocery delivery service, to mark the release of its first quarter results. According to the company, the new activity launched in the summer of 2020 would already be on its way to overtaking … Uber Eats weighing in at $ 3 billion.

The impressive success of Uber “Grocery”

If Uber Grocery were a full-fledged company, its growth would have been record breaking within a year. “The grocery is a potentially much larger market than the delivery of restaurant meals,” said Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi last Thursday. Given the final quarter of 2020, Uber Grocery’s rating has already doubled.

This witness, Uber, analyzes it very seriously and looks beyond the circumstances of the health crisis. The growth of his new business shows him that delivery isn’t limited to restaurant meals. Raj Beri, head of Uber Grocery, said so in an interview with Business Insider.

“If you want to get something in your city within an hour or right now, we want you to be able to do it with Uber,” said Raj Beri.

In addition, the company continues to invest in the development of its activities and has just acquired the ultra-fast delivery startup Gopuff. Starting next month, 95 cities in the US will significantly expand their capabilities through Uber Grocery to 3,000 types of goods including eggs, ice cream, pet products, beer, chips, cleaning products, and drugstore products.

At the same time, Uber signaled its intention to get closer with Gopuff, an equivalent startup, “Fancy”, which is itself active in the UK market. A strengthening in Europe is expected from there. Enough to establish a new pillar in Uber’s portfolio of activities and to shape its future, far removed from the simple transport service with the driver.

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