What if Apple released a “mini” version of the iPad Pro?

Today Apple is number one in the tablet market. And while the demand for this type of product is currently increasing, the Cupertino company has seen a surge in sales. When it announced its financial results for the first three months of 2021, Apple said the iPad generated $ 7.80 billion, up 78.9%. And since the company recently unveiled its new iPad pros, Apple’s tablets are expected to continue to sell well.

But when the new iPad pros hit the market, rumors were already circulating about the next models that might be released. And among these models there could be a “mini” version of the iPad Pro.

This is suggested in an article from Tomsguide.com that a source shares on Twitter. Essentially, the “iPad mini Pro” could have similar properties to the iPad Pro, but be smaller in size.

A miniature iPad Pro?

The Tomsguide.com source suggests that the iPad mini Pro may have a similar design to the iPad Pro, with very thin bezels but a smaller 8.7-inch screen. This tablet could support 5G and be priced at $ 649.

Obviously this is just a rumor at the moment, so caution is always advised. Still, when Apple launches the iPad mini Pro, it might be of interest to those looking for a cheaper, smaller alternative to the iPad Pro. If Apple equips this iPad mini Pro with the same M1 chip as the iPad Pro and its latest Macs, that could be a plus too.

A model that could harm the competition?

In any case, this rumor is circulating at a time when the tablet market is increasingly competitive. As the demand for this type of product grows (more than 13% more shipments in 2020), Apple remains number one. Still, the highest growth in 2020 was that of Samsung.

The Korean giant saw its tablet shipments grow 44.4%. “The company shipped 10.1 million units in the quarter and 31.3 million units in 2020. It remains the largest provider of Android tablets with successful products such as the Galaxy Tab A and the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite,” it says in a report from IDC.

In addition, Xiaomi could launch a new offensive in the tablet market to gain shares. Rumor has it that the Chinese manufacturer is preparing to launch three new tablets with high-end Sapdragon chips (while earlier Xiaomi models were satisfied with mid-range chips with relatively limited performance).

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