2 million products were destroyed in Amazon warehouses (because counterfeit)

Amazon has just published its first “Brand Protection Report” which, as the name suggests, reports on the protection of the brand. In that report, Amazon says it seized and destroyed more than 2 million counterfeit products and banned more than 10 billion ads in 2020.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos states in its report: “We have seized and destroyed more than 2 million products that were sent to our distribution centers and that we identified as counterfeit before they were sent to a customer. In cases where counterfeit products are found in our distribution centers, we segregate inventory and destroy these products so that they are not resold elsewhere in the supply chain. “

A growing phenomenon due to the pandemic

In the same report, Amazon gives us an interesting observation. According to the American giant, the problem of counterfeiting has worsened with the pandemic. Although counterfeiting is a long-standing problem that Amazon has been facing all the time, Dharmesh Mehta, the company’s vice president, believes that with the rise of online commerce, the phenomenon has increased tremendously in recent years.

With the release of this very first “Trademark Protection Report”, Amazon wants to reassure legitimate sellers by reassuring them that their products are safe from counterfeiting. Amazon makes a strong case by claiming that “less than 0.01% of all products sold on Amazon have received an infringement complaint from customers.” While this is a growing battle, Amazon wants to reassure you by stating that it has many resources to effectively fight this scourge.

In 2020 alone, Amazon claims to have invested more than $ 700 million and employed more than 10,000 people to protect the market from fraud and various other abuses.

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