Apple is investing $ 54 million in a company that develops foldable glass

As you probably already know, Apple has to rely on many suppliers to offer its products. To support this, Cupertino launched a new program in 2017 called the Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Apple supports “world-class innovation and high-quality manufacturing contracts in the US” with this program. “And this week Cupertino announced a $ 45 million financing for Corning, which specializes in glasses for smartphones.

If you’re using a high-end or mid-range smartphone, Corning glasses are likely to be used to protect the screen (and back on some models) from drops and scratches. In addition to many manufacturers of Android smartphones, Apple is one of Corning’s customers. In addition, the glass offered by this American company (Ceramic Shield) was one of the strengths of the iPhone 12 last year.

In addition, the development of this glass, which makes the latest iPhones extremely tough, is cited as an example of the good relationship between Apple and Corning.

“Apple and Corning have long worked together to achieve the impossible,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “From the first iPhone glass to the revolutionary Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12 series, our collaboration has changed the landscape for the design and durability of smartphone cases. Ceramic Shield is a prime example of the technologies that are possible when profound innovations meet the power of American manufacturing. We are very proud to be working with Corning, whose 170 year legacy is testament to the ingenuity of the American workforce. “”

It should be noted that Corning has benefited from a total of $ 450 million in funding from the Advanced Manufacturing Fund in the past. In addition to the funding, Apple would have sent experts to work with those from Corning, which made the development of Ceramic Shield possible.

Is Corning developing glass for future foldable iPhones?

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly clear how Apple’s new funds will be used by Corning, but it is entirely possible that glass could be developed that could later be used to fold iPhones. According to rumors, Apple is currently developing devices with foldable screens.

At the moment these are just rumors. However, Apple is actually developing foldable iPhones. So it makes sense that they contact Corning to make sure the product is shock and scratch resistant.

In addition, Corning had already announced in 2019 that it would develop glass for folding smartphones. In February, the American company also announced that this glass could be available in 12 to 18 months.

Recently, Apple also injected a large sum of money into a laser specialist

A few days ago, Apple also announced significant funding of $ 410 million for another supplier, II-VI, while Cupertino had injected $ 390 million in 2017. VI will create additional capacity and expedite the delivery of future iPhone components, ”it said in a statement.

Like Corning, this provider is very important to Apple because thanks to its technologies we now use features like Face ID, Memoji, Animoji, portrait mode for selfies, as well as the LiDAR scanner on the back of the iPhone 12 Pro.

II-VI’s technologies could also be of great importance to Apple’s future AR / VR products.

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