Dogecoin at Revolut? Here’s what you need to know

Dogecoin gave us another big boost last weekend with a record high of $ 0.74, despite the temporary drop in prices on Saturday Night Live with Elon Musk. The aficionado community can buy it on increasingly popular platforms, but some of them still hesitate.

This applies to both Coinbase and Revolut. UK Neobank is opening more and more to digital tokens (it added 11 new tokens last month) and could make a decision about integrating Dogecoin very soon. This is definitely what sources from our colleagues at The Block are pushing.

Dogecoin available at Revolut?

Despite the high volatility of Dogecoin, the fourth cryptocurrency by volume is encountering growing interest and trading of more than 69 billion US dollars within 24 hours (record according to CoinMarketCap from April 16). At Revolut, up to 100,000 new cryptocurrency investors opened their accounts in the first week of January alone, proof of its attractiveness.

So adding Dogecoin would be a way to get even more new customers and increase the number of operations in the application. The deal is very profitable for Revolut, which receives a commission of 2.5% on the amount for Revolut Standard customers and 1.5% on Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal. With specialized platforms like Coinbase and Binance, this commission is lower.

According to sources familiar with the matter forwarded by The Block, the arrival of Dogecoin on Revolut would indeed be considered and about to be announced. A recent article predicted a possible arrival for Elon Musk’s participation on the set of Saturday Night Live, but Revolut is more used to announcing its new releases as the weeks go by.

Obviously, Neobank refused to comment on the rumor. If they’re interested in Dogecoin, members of Revolut management can wait for a quieter time. The current volatility has already affected trading on multiple platforms like Robinhood, which recently offered Dogecoin.

The best platforms to buy cryptocurrency:

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