If you’re looking for a VPN, ExpressVPN divided its price by 2

The Internet has become indispensable in daily life, but this public network harbors a number of threats (information theft, espionage, etc.). To eliminate these risks, hundreds of millions of internet users have chosen a VPN. This very easy to use software encrypts all your browsing data and hides your IP address. They even give you access to restricted websites thanks to their servers around the world.

If you are interested in such a service, look no further. ExpressVPN, the benchmark provider in the VPN industry, has just put an offer online at a bargain price. This Tuesday, with ExpressVPN, you get an instant -49% discount and 3 months free for the purchase of a 12-month subscription.

Promotions are rare with this premium VPN. When the opportunity arises, it is better not to miss it:

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ExpressVPN, a reliable and complete VPN

ExpressVPN offers a very well-designed VPN app that gives you a high level of security. Between the AES-256 encryption and the camouflaging of your IP address, you are definitely protected and your surfing remains confidential. In addition, the tool has been certified as a No-Log by independent organizations. In other words, no user activity log is collected.

ExpressVPN offers more than 3,000 highly secure servers in 94 countries worldwide. Thanks to the unlimited bandwidth and high-speed connection, you can download torrents, but also stream any type of content without interruption or excessive loading time.

Knowing that the servers are powerful enough to bypass censorship and geoblocking, you can even watch sporting events that are broadcast live on foreign channels like Formula 1. ExpressVPN also gives you access to many bookstores with Netflix and French TV programs around the world (handy for people who live abroad).

In addition to its basic functionality, ExpressVPN offers other options to optimize your security and browsing experience. The application therefore includes an emergency blocking feature called Network Lock and split tunneling to manage your VPN connection between your applications.

In our test, the smooth operation of the ExpressVPN app convinced us. The user interface is intuitive and translated into French. This user-friendly VPN is intended for businesses and individuals alike – even the less experienced.

One price divided by two and 30 test days

ExpressVPN’s pricing remains reasonable considering the quality of its application and features. However, the prices are in the upper range, so not everyone can afford such a VPN. Fortunately, the situation is different today as the supplier has a lot.

Exceptionally, the 12-month subscription is shown at -49% and ExpressVPN also offers 3 free months. The VPN will only cost you about € 5.50 per month instead of the usual € 10. In addition, you benefit from five simultaneous connections to use the VPN on several devices at the same time (computer, smartphone, tablet, smart TV, connected box or router). What to save size.

If you know our rating of ExpressVPN, all that’s left to do is decide for yourself. To do this, ExpressVPN is offering all new users a 30-day trial. By subscribing to this promotional offer, your money is guaranteed to be returned if the VPN doesn’t suit you. The refund is full and unconditional.

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