Seven Apple suppliers charged with forced labor in China

The Information online media has just published a study that could have bombed the world of technology. According to this article, seven Apple suppliers participated in forced labor programs in China. In particular, they affected thousands of Uyghurs, a minority of the Muslim faith who are subject to severe repression in the country.

The seven companies named in this investigation are: Advanced-Connectek, Luxshare Precision Industry, Shenzhen Deren Electronic Co., Avary Holding, AcBel Polytech, CN Innovations and Suzhou Dongshan Precision Manufacturing Co. Your identification in particular has been approved by many evidences such as earlier statements , Pictures, videos. Journalists also relied on public and internal Apple documents, as well as discussions with employees.

Apple has received similar allegations in the past

When asked, the Cupertino company did not respond. She says that “investigating the presence of forced labor is part of every assessment we do in every country in which we operate.” The company adds:

Despite the restrictions on Covid-19, we conducted additional research and found no evidence of forced labor wherever we operate. We will continue to do all we can to protect workers and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect.

It’s not the only thing The Information is pointing out. Indeed, the media claim that technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook have taken advantage of these suppliers. The latter two also responded to our colleagues, affirming that they would not work with companies that do forced labor.

The apple brand had already received similar charges last year. A report by the NGO Tech Transparency Project confirmed that it had benefited from forced labor by the Uyghur ethnic minority through several of its suppliers. The information was rejected by the company. When asked a little later during a congressional hearing, Tim Cook had made it clear that his company “does not tolerate forced labor” and “would end relationships with suppliers if evidence of abuse was found”.

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