Study With Me, these home work videos are a hit

A new trend has arrived on YouTube that should come in handy as a student or teleworker. In response to the limitation and difficulty of working from home without seeing anyone, several YouTube channels have spawned a new concept of video.

The principle is as follows: film yourself while working in a rhythm that uses the “pomodoro” technique with short pauses. There are dozens of them, collecting hundreds of thousands of views and offering settings more or less close to the person who works from home or in libraries with or without music.

The working sessions can also vary to suit each person’s profile. For example, in the following video, a 5-hour work session is broken down into 5 50-minute sessions separated by 10-minute breaks.

The recipe is very relevant to give yourself a framework and respect work sessions without messy breaks and distractions. The concept is also very useful for internet users to convey the feeling of working in the presence of another person. After more than a year of work in custody, we would have liked to have discovered these videos earlier …

“You made it ten times easier”

The concept is 100% adopted for subscribers. “My mom thinks he’s my friend, and we call each other on FaceTime while we’re at college,” commented Alexia on one of the videos on MDprospect, one of the concept’s most popular channels with 232,000 subscribers.

For others, these videos were an awareness. “I never realized I missed the noise from my classmates. Working in the same room as someone… ”Abby wrote in a two hour work session video with Tan Yi’s channel (34,000 subscribers).

“I am a student who has trouble concentrating on simple tasks like 5-minute exercises. Your video helped me to focus on my work and not hesitate. It’s nice to hear those background noises and music that make me feel like I am studying with someone. In those tough times where we’re all stuck in front of a screen for over 6 hours, you’ve made things ten times easier. So thank you! Andrea added.

And you, what do you think of this concept?

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