The new 100% electric Porsche Macan is starting its “full-scale” tests

The German manufacturer Porsche recently presented its new Macan series … 100% electric. Indeed, after the Porsche Taycan, we knew that the German giant was working on an emission-free version of its small SUV, which tests have already begun.

The Porsche Macan in a 100% electric version … but not only

Porsche is already present on the electric car market (luxury) with its Taycan and will continue on its way to 100% electric with the next Macan generation. A model that is based on the new PSA platform developed by Porsche and Audi and is expected to be on the market by 2023.

Today Porsche decided to exhibit the well-camouflaged test versions of this new Macan generation, the road tests of which have started. The models have already benefited from numerous tests in the Porsche Development Center in Weissach.

From the Porsche side it is explained: “The demanding test program of the fully electric Porsche Macan, which is carried out under extreme climatic and topographical conditions, includes tests such as charging and conditioning of the high-voltage battery, which must meet very strict standards. “In total, the prototypes will cover more than 3 million kilometers before the vehicle goes into production.

Porsche is not giving up on this good old heat engine, however, and the manufacturer has confirmed that the new Macan generation will also be offered with heat engines. For the customer, it will soon be a question of discovering the electric version and the thermal version of the Porsche Macan next to each other in dealerships. A questionable strategy according to Electrek, since, given the prices for electric models, in this particular case the customer tends to prefer a thermal version because it is cheaper.

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