What improvements for cameras?

Although the iPhone 13 won’t be released for a few months, many rumors are already circulating about these devices. A priori, the models that Apple will launch in the third quarter of 2021 should have almost the same design as the 2020 models.

As shown in a recently released video by Unbox Therapy, the iPhone 13 and its variants would see some barely noticeable changes.

According to this video, which is based on a supposed iPhone 13 Pro Max model, the 2021 models could be thicker. The camera module should keep the same appearance, but the dimensions would also be different (within a few millimeters).

The design of the next iPhone will be clearer

This week, Unbox Therapy information is confirmed by an article by MacRumours on the design of the next iPhone. This medium in turn would have received presumed diagrams of the next iPhone and also reminds of the improvements that Apple could offer at the camera level.

Sensor Shift, a feature only available for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, can be offered for both the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is even possible that this technology will land on all models.

Improvements for cameras?

On the iPhone 12 Pro Max, this new optical stabilization system moves the sensor instead of moving the camera, which allows for better image quality. This technology helps differentiate the Pro Max model from the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 in terms of the quality of photos and videos.

On the other hand, the iPhone 13 Pro could also benefit from the same telephoto lens as the iPhone 13 Pro Max (while on the 2020 models, only the iPhone 12 Pro Max benefited from a better telephoto lens).

A smaller notch, a better processor, and a better 5G?

In terms of performance, Apple should also introduce a new processor for its new iPhone, which should increase the performance, the graphics performance as well as the energy efficiency. And on the design side, Apple wouldn’t give up the notch just yet. In contrast, it would be smaller on the iPhone 13 and its variants.

Apple could also equip its next iPhone with 120 Hz screens. This higher refresh rate would enable smoother animations.

When it comes to 5G, the iPhone 5G could support mmWave (the fastest version of this technology) in more countries. This is because 5G mmWave is currently only supported on models sold in the US.

At the moment these are just rumors of course. And that’s why caution is always advisable. What is likely, however, is that the new iPhone 13s shouldn’t differ too much from the 2020 models, just showing small improvements.

However, those minor improvements could be enough to boost the Cupertino company’s sales again. Thanks to the launch of the iPhone 5G, the company had excellent results for two consecutive quarters. In the first three months of 2021, iPhone sales grew 65.5% year over year.

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