What kind of TikTok user are you? Discover the 7 typical profiles

“Brands have long been obsessed with demographics. We have viewed a consumer’s age as a key characteristic too many times, ”TikTok stated with the launch of a new study of its users published today. With more than 11 million users in France and 689 million active users worldwide, the application aims to get to know its community better.

Thanks to a survey of 4000 users, the application was able to highlight the various typical profiles of TikTok accounts to show that the age criterion was nowhere near the most relevant for the classification of its users. “” [L’étude] shows very clearly that there are several profiles with unique characteristics in this new report, titled “TikTok Audience Understanding Research,” conducted by Clear M&C Saatchi.

What kind of TikTok user are you?

The 7 typical profiles on TikTok

“Entertain me” – These users are primarily looking for ease, laughter and entertainment. They are open to the different types of content that are offered to them. When they see something they like, they can easily share it with a friend or their children.

“I’ll take part” – These users want to share and interact within a community. You are already in a positive and open state of mind. You don’t have to watch any entertaining content. Rather, they want to share their opinion of what they have done or how they are feeling.

“I am positive” – This group would like to shorten their everyday life for a moment and not think about “real life”. Most importantly, don’t show them content to think about. You want content that is happy, entertaining, and relaxing, not current affairs or news from other people.

“Find out” – These users want a little distraction to fill their day. They look forward to discovering new things or being informed of the latest news. You want to feel productive and not just switch off.

“Keep me updated” – These users expect them to know all about the latest news – whether it’s personalities, designers, trends, their interests, or their acquaintances. You don’t want to chat or hang out a lot online, just keep up to date.

“I Interact” – This group wants to talk and laugh with loved ones. For them, it’s not about scrolling through content that only they can see, but rather spending time with friends and family.

“I am learning” – These users want to learn more about a specific topic. Whether it is about improving yourself, understanding something or discovering new products and services. Because they are already focused on a specific topic, they don’t want to see content that is not relevant to their area of ​​interest.

What are the most popular profiles?

On the Podium of Most Popular Profiles, TikTok explains that 21% of surveyed users say they go to the app for entertainment. 20% want to find calming content and 13% prefer to interact there in order to share an opinion, a passion, a state of mind.

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