Why Instagram Kids is unanimously against him

In March of last year, we received information about the Instagram Kids project. Social networking teams said they are working on a version of the application that is easier for parents to use. Similar to Messenger Kids or YouTube Kids, children can follow their friends and view content related to their areas of interest.

This idea was received very coldly in the United States. The attorneys general of 44 states have just signed an open letter calling on Facebook to give up this initiative entirely. The latter head the local judicial departments and belong to the Democratic and Republican parties. In an increasingly polarized country, this almost unanimous agreement has something to do with it.

Facebook undertakes not to send advertising on Instagram Kids

To substantiate their position, the signatories initially claim: “Facebook does not meet a need, it creates one, as this platform is mainly intended for children who would otherwise not have an Instagram account. “”

The authors also believe that these young users are not yet able to manage an account on the social network and that they do not have the necessary understanding of the concept of data protection and do not know what to or not to share with other internet users.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is therefore warned. This text has no formal legal value, but by signing it, the Attorneys General show that they will be particularly vigilant regarding compliance with laws protecting children. In particular, they set very strict rules for the collection of personal data.

Facebook did not fail to respond after the publication of this text. The web giant, quoted by The Verge, first explains that this project is still in its infancy. He adds:

We agree that any experience we develop should prioritize its safety and privacy, and we will consult with child development, child safety and mental health experts and privacy advocates to encourage reflection. We also look forward to working with lawmakers and regulators, including the country’s attorneys general.

Finally, in this version, the company promises not to send advertisements reserved for users under the age of 13.

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