Zoom had to negotiate with Apple about special camera access

Today, Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing services among Internet users. And if you own an iPad, you have another good reason to use this service (and not its competitors). You can use Zoom to video conferencing while the app is in split view mode. This gives you the opportunity to discuss things with your employees while you open another application.

It might sound simple to you, but according to a blog post by developer Jeremy Provost forwarded by Engadget, it would only be possible with Zoom. He explains that when he discovered this zoom function, he wanted to offer the same in his app.

Special treatment for zoom?

However, no documentation is available because Zoom received special treatment from Apple. “I searched the web and couldn’t find a reference on how to enable this feature for our own iOS Zoom client, Participant for Zoom. We asked Zoom and to our surprise they gave us the answer, revealing a seemingly private process that is only available to those who Apple considers worthy, ”writes the developer.

These particular treatments are nothing new. Some iOS functions, such as access to iCloud or integration into CarPlay, are only available to a handful of developers selected by Apple.

In general, however, these accesses are publicly documented by the Cupertino company, and there is a process that all developers can access to request them. In contrast, Apple has not released any documentation when it comes to the specific camera access that Zoom can enjoy.

More restricted access than usual?

“It is understandable that this right is not suitable for all applications or that there are ways to abuse it. It can make sense that there is an approval process in place, like with CarPlay. However, it makes no sense to be privately, undocumented and only accessible to Apple’s preferred partners, ”laments Jeremy Provost. For him, Apple shouldn’t say that it treats all developers equally when it grants special privately specific access to certain developers.

This post is published at a time when Apple is increasingly criticized for the way it manages the App Store and at a time when it is sometimes accused of using its platform’s rules to provide its services to the Disadvantage of using those from third-party developers.

In addition, a lawsuit is currently pending in the United States between Apple and Epic, the developer of the Fortnite video game. This process makes public documents that allow the media to get out of the revelations. For example, we recently learned that Apple supposedly wanted to offer Netflix special perks in order to convince SVOD to continue using the App Store’s in-app payment system. Back in 2011, Apple would have discussed internally a 30% reduction in commission charged by the App Store for transactions between users and developers of third-party apps.

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