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AliExpress uses this week of May to publish new promotions. For 48 hours (May 12-14) we have crazy discounts on Dreame vacuum cleaners, a premium model brand from the Xiaomi group. To be eligible for the maximum discounts, you must add the code FRMAY018 when you have added the model of your choice to the shopping cart.

Thanks to this lightning offer, the price of the Dreame V11 drops to 261 euros instead of 366 euros. To do this, the instant discount must be combined with the voucher code FRMAY018. The latter must be returned after completing the order. You get an additional discount of € 18. In the end, the price for the excellent Dreame V11 will drop to just 261 euros.

AliExpress is not limited to this promotion, but is also lowering the prices for other cordless vacuum cleaners: The Dreame V10 costs 172 euros instead of 274 euros, while the Dreame V9P drops to 156 euros instead of 287 euros. After all, the Dreame XR Premium costs 193 euros instead of 295 euros. Do not forget to enter one of the vouchers FRMAY018 / FRMAY013 (depending on the price of the vacuum cleaner) to be entitled to an additional discount of a few euros. All of these offers are flash sales; they are not meant to last over time.

Here you can find all special offers for Dreame vacuum cleaners:

See the offer for the Dreame V11

If you choose an AliExpress Dreame vacuum cleaner, it will have it delivered in a week or less. Depending on the model, you can choose a delivery from France, as the dealer has several warehouses in the area. In any case, they will not be delivered longer than 7 days after your order. If you change your mind, you have 14 days after receipt to request a free return and a full refund. All of these devices are guaranteed for two years.

A competitor for Dyson

The Dreame V11 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that competes directly with Dyson models. It multiplies the technical qualities for an excellent quality ratio, which is further improved by this offer on AliExpress. It’s an efficient and long-lasting investment that can perform the same over time regardless of the type of surface (hard floor, carpet, etc.).

This Dreame V11 vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere. It has no wire or sled that you have to leave behind when cleaning. It weighs only 2.5kg so you can handle it very easily when vacuuming the dust. You can also use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean other surfaces (e.g. with special accessories). It’s very simple: you save time and energy for a house that always stays clean.

The Dreame V11 offers three cleaning modes that you can choose based on the area to be cleaned, including a Boost mode which is very effective. Although it is light, it does not skimp on the robustness of the battery and offers 90 minutes of autonomy. A screen shows the level of the latter so that you can see it at a glance. We find all the noteworthy features on a device of this level, it is a perfect investment in the long run.

Dream vacuum cleaners in the spotlight on AliExpress

Several Dreame vacuums are available for flash sale on AliExpress. The Dreame V11 benefits from an instant discount of around 20%, which means this is the perfect opportunity to make some crazy savings. This also applies to the V9P, V10 and XR Premium models, as the reduction and the code FRMAY018 or FRMAY013 offer a double advantage.

These offers are insane, but they are meant to go very quickly. Stocks of all of these Dreame vacuums are very limited, which means these flash sales can go up in just a few hours. Secure your new device quickly at a reduced price.

Here you can find the special offers for Dreame vacuum cleaners:

See the offer for the Dreame V11

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