Do you know who is behind the voice of Amazon Alexa?

Have you ever wondered who is hiding behind Alexa? Today we know the identity of this woman. Brad Stone has just published his new book, Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire, in which we discover the existence of Nina Rolle. This name means nothing to you? Nevertheless, she has certainly already told you the weather forecast or even started your favorite song.

You will understand, Nina Rolle is the woman who gave Alexa her voice. In 2021 there will be tens of millions of products in which the Alexa voice assistant is embedded. The choice of this vote is therefore not trivial. Brad Stone explains in his book that it was Jeff Bezos himself who attended the auditions to eventually select Nina Rolle. This woman has already voted for numerous adverts for brands for Honda, Volkswagen or even Absolut.

Alexa’s voice remains very discreet

Without too much doubt, Nina Rolles’ biggest contract remains the one with Amazon. However, if you go to your personal website, you will discover a long list of customers but no trace of Amazon or Alexa. In addition, Nina Rolle never refers to her presence in the daily lives of millions of Americans on social networks. It is impossible to know whether or not this is a clause in the contract with the Seattle company.

However, if Jeff Bezos has decided to impose the voice of Nina Rolle on its users, other companies like Apple prefer to leave the option by offering a male voice in addition to a female voice. On numerous occasions, Google, Apple and therefore Amazon have been recognized for their sexism. For this reason, the Cupertino company decided to leave the choice to its users.

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