Like TikTok and Snapchat, YouTube will pay short video creators

That year, YouTube launched Shorts, a feature reminiscent of the short video format now offered by many platforms, starting with the pioneer TikTok. Shorts is available right from the main app so you don’t have to download another service to access it.

The option is currently only available to American and Indian YouTube users, and the Google platform continues to set the tone. With that in mind, we just learned of the launch of the YouTube Shorts Fund, a $ 100 million fund that will pay for certain creators. The principle is very simple: the website directly contacts the profiles whose videos have exceeded certain levels in order to reward them for their contributions.

A competition-inspired model

We don’t really know where the meter is, but the company plans to give money to “thousands of developers every month”. So there is no need to have a YouTube partner to be eligible, which should increase the reach of this device. The fund is expected to launch in the coming months, and the platform promises to say more by then.

In any case, the service is in direct competition with other social networks that have pursued similar strategies. This is particularly the case with TikTok, which launched a $ 200 million fund in the US last year “to help ambitious developers looking for ways to make a living from their innovative content.”

Snapchat is not left out with its Spotlight feature which is also based on short videos. To encourage this, the company distributed $ 1 million to young creators (ages 16+) who posted the best snapshots on the platform. The number of views of the publication was used as the main criterion, as with YouTube.

After all, Instagram paved the way for influencer compensation last year. In the past year, some content creators were able to monetize their content on IGTV. You can also receive donations during their live sessions.

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