Netflix launches website to reveal … Part 3 for Lupine

Netflix has done the art of marketing wonderfully, and that’s not going to change. While Part 2 of Lupine will land on the platform on June 11th, a new trailer has been proposed. As can be expected, at the end of the first season, Assane Diop has great difficulties with his rival Hubert Pellegrini.

However, we are not very concerned about the character of Omar Sy as he is endowed with great intelligence and a sense of cunning that always puts him one step ahead of his opponents. The story could have ended there, except that the streaming service put a mini treasure hunt in that trailer.

A five-episode part 2 that promises to be lively

Indeed, astute observers have noticed that by pausing the image after 1 minute and 53 seconds they could mention a fascinating email address with the hero’s name: http: // assane-diop. Com. When visiting the site, one can quickly read “Assane Diop is always one step ahead” followed by the same sentence in English and Spanish.

The final revelation comes next: “Lupine will be back for part 3”. Without creating the puzzle of the century, Netflix has played the trick of adopting the series’ codes based on tiny hidden details and puzzles.

As a reminder, this part 2 consists of five episodes. Regulars won’t be disoriented as we’ll find the same cast from the first season, especially Omar Sy, Hervé Pierre, Ludivine Sagnier, or even Nicole Garcia.

Lupine is a huge hit for Netflix, which is used to getting good shots with some of its European productions. This is the case with Dark or La Casa de Papel. While the numbers aren’t the most accurate, the series has been seen by 70 million households around the world, including countries like Brazil, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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