This new feature allows you to use the Google Assistant more often

Android 12 is far from officially released. However, this new version of the mobile operating system has already been previewed by Google. This allows developers to prepare for changes to the operating system while also providing feedback that Google can use to troubleshoot bugs.

For the general public, this “preview” phase enables them to discover in advance the new features that Google might offer for Android 12. For example, the XDA website recently discovered evidence by digging into the code of the Android 12 preview that suggests that Google is developing new features to bring up the Google Assistant.

Currently, Android already offers several ways to access this digital assistant. And with Android 12, you should be able to bring up the assistant by double-tapping the back of your device or by long-pressing the power button.

In either case, XDA states that the Android 12 preview code has text referencing these two new features. As stated on the website, triggering the Push Back Assistant (a pressure sensed by the gyroscope and accelerometer) may not be available on all devices. On the other hand, the triggering could be triggered quickly via the ignition button.

Also note that some of these features are already available on existing models thanks to the software overlays manufacturers apply to the Android operating system.

Android 12: We should know more in a few days

This new rumor is circulating as Google prepares to reveal its novelties in a few days’ time during the I / O conference. As a reminder, it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic.

But this year Google wanted to organize this large mass for developers, even if it will be in a virtual format (this month of May). Logically, Google will use the opportunity to present the new features of Android 12 (as well as new products).

It should also be noted that Google has already released a schedule for the release of Android 12. After the preview phase, which will soon be completed, Google will release a first beta version in May, then two more beta versions from June to July.

Then Google will release a fourth beta in August that is close to the stable version. Finally, after this fourth beta, Google will release the stable version of the new version of its operating system.

Keep in mind that Android 12 can only be tested through a Pixel smartphone (or emulator) at the moment. However, the company would later announce the availability of the Android beta for models from other brands.

For its part, Apple should present the new version of iOS at its WWDC conference in June. This event will of course also be virtual.

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