What if TikTok helps you find a job?

Today, TikTok is one of the most popular social networks in the world, especially among teenagers and young adults. And obviously this does not want to limit itself to entertainment. In fact, TikTok could soon launch a platform to … look for a job.

In any case, this is suggested in an article published by the Axios media. According to him, TikTok is testing a recruiting service in beta with some companies. This recruiting platform would not be integrated into the TikTok application, but rather accessible on a website.

TikTok-style recruiting

Companies would have the opportunity to post vacancies on this website. And users would send their resumes in a TikTok format (hence short videos), but not a traditional format. Candidates should then convince the recruiter by using an elevator parking space to showcase their work experiences in a unique way. According to Axios, TikTok users can also post their video résumés on their profiles so that the app can highlight the recruiting service.

At this time, of course, there is no guarantee that this recruiting service will be provided to all users. In any case, by launching this product, TikTok would only benefit from one pre-existing use.

Currently, some users are already posting video resumes on TikTok to attract recruiters’ attention. According to Axios, a TikTok employee recently published an article in the Washington Post about these app users using it for their job searches.

In addition, it should be noted that TikTok never wanted to limit itself to entertainment content. “We want people not only to turn to TikTok for fun, but also to learn something new, acquire new skills or be inspired by something they have never done before,” the social network wrote in June 2020. The People are already doing it and it’s a trend that we want to take into account and accelerate. “”

Will TikTok be the new LinkedIn for Gen Z? Difficult to predict. In any case, TikTok isn’t the first digital player interested in recruiting. For example, Facebook already offers a feature that connects recruiters and candidates.

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