With its Zenfone 8, Asus offers a serious alternative to Apple’s iPhone 12 mini

2021 is arguably one of the busiest years for announcements in the smartphone market. After Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung or even OnePlus, it is Asus’ turn to launch its flagship model. Or rather, his models.

Like most of his rivals, the Taiwanese is no longer satisfied with a single model. This year, therefore, the Zenfone 8 and the Zenfone 8 Flip will be launched, two smartphones that were developed in very different ways.

The Flip is part of a certain continuity of previous models with a pretty consensual design, with the exception of the Flip camera (180 ° rotating photo module), which fans of the brand are now familiar with.

Apart from its larger screen with a lower refresh rate (90 Hz) and its larger battery, it contains most of the technical features of the “classic” Zenfone 8.

The latter is ultimately the more original of the two. It marks the return of the compact format that has regained its nobility since the introduction of the iPhone 12 mini.

So far, Apple’s smallest smartphone has made it all on its own. But that was before.

Zenfone 8: the revenge of the compact smartphone

At Asus, the design process is well established. The brand draws on market research and surveys from its fan base. Before imagining the Zenfone 8, Taiwanese people asked their users about the ideal format for a flagship product.

The answer was clear: 67% of respondents wanted a model less than 6 “, 39% between 5.8 and 6”. Ideally, the width of the smartphone should not exceed 150 mm and the thickness 7 mm.

The Zenfone 8 therefore fulfills all of these requirements. This makes it the most compact Android smartphone on the market. And for good reason, there aren’t any others of this caliber, even if the format of the Galaxy S21 is similar.

The Zenfone 8 is compact but not tiny and therefore larger than the iPhone 12 mini. However, the two models remain the smallest on the market, which forces the comparison game.

Technically, the Taiwanese star doesn’t have to envy the American little thumb. State-of-the-art processor (Snapdragon 888), 120 Hz 5.9 ” AMOLED display HDR10 + -certified, generous 4000 mAh battery, ultra-fast charging system, waterproof certification, Dirac audio system: the Zenfone 8 meets all requirements. It just lacks wireless charging to make it flawless.

The photo module is based on the same sensor duo as the Zenfone 7: a wide angle with a 64 Mpxl sensor and an ultra wide angle with a 12 Mpxl sensor. According to Asus, the main focus was on optimizing digital image processing. Why not ?

Zenfone 8 and Zenfone 8 Flip pricing and availability

This little powerhouse can be pre-ordered from May 12 to 31 at a price of 699 euros (8/128 GB). Asus is offering a € 100 discount on this version to start with, enough to bring the call price to € 599.

The versions 8/256 GB and 16/256 GB are marketed at the respective prices of 749 and 819 euros. All configurations are available in two colors: black or silver.

The Zenfone 8 Flip will be available in a single 8/256 GB version at a price of 799 euros.

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