You can now specify your pronouns on Instagram

In order to be able to offer an increasingly comprehensive platform, Instagram now allows its users to specify the pronouns that best qualify them. Although the social network seems to have a wide variety of pronouns to choose from, a form is also available to request the addition of new pronouns to this list. If this novelty has already been implemented, it does not seem that all countries have been affected yet.

Add pronouns to your profile ✨

The new field is available in some countries, more are planned.

– Instagram (@instagram) May 11, 2021

It is currently impossible to determine where this new feature will be available. We only know that North American users will have access to it, and the rollout is expected to accelerate in the coming weeks.

Instagram joins many other platforms

On other platforms, users can also add pronouns to their profiles. This is especially the case with many dating applications such as OkCupid or the famous VTC service Lyft application, Uber’s main competitor.

It’s also interesting that Facebook has allowed its users to set their pronouns since 2014. Although the functionality built into Facebook limits people to “he / she, she / she and she / she” it took more than 7 years to choose to be added to Instagram. The Facebook we remember has owned Instagram since 2012.

For the French who are impatiently waiting for this novelty, we have to wait a little longer. We checked this when writing this article, but nothing seems to have changed at the interface level. In this case, Instagram indicates that you can choose whether or not to show your pronouns on your profile.

In parallel with this announcement, Instagram is heavily criticized for its Instagram Kids version. In a letter signed by thousands of people, we read: “Facebook does not meet a need, it creates one, as this platform is mainly intended for children who would otherwise not have an Instagram account.”

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