Amazon, Google and Apple are joining forces for the benefit of home automation

You know that the world of home automation is changing. However, when companies like Google, Amazon, or even Apple are constantly competing to attract more and more new users, there is an organization that aims to bring the world of home automation together.

The main goal of the CHIP working group, now called Matter, under the leadership of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, is to provide a protocol that can ensure intercompatibility between all connected objects on the market. This working group brings together IKEA, Somfy, Hue, but also Amazon, Apple and Google.

A turning point for home automation

This week Matter introduced the Thread Protocol. A solution that allows any object to connect regardless of brand or environment. The first products compatible with the Thread protocol should appear in late 2021. They are recognizable thanks to the presence of the logo and the name Matter. A logo that could quickly become as famous as that of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

For home automation enthusiasts, Thread is a ZigBee based protocol. This technology aims to communicate over short distances, as Bluetooth technology already offers, while being cheaper and simpler at the same time.

In the past few months, more than 180 organizations have worked together to achieve this intercompatibility. So among them we find Apple, Google, and Amazon who have managed to put their differences aside and combine their skills to produce the Matter standard.

Lidl remains one of the rising stars of home automation. The German supermarket chain recently unveiled some interconnected objects designed for your interior. As always, Lidl is much cheaper than the competition. Lidl should quickly introduce new functions.

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