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Football has been a passion since childhood. As a teenager, I spent hundreds of hours playing football manager in order to become the game’s greatest coach. Over time, I became more and more fascinated by its economic aspect. After starting wrong transfers to bring Roberto Carlos back to OM, I gradually looked for challenges by facing small clubs with no budget in order to lead them to a Champions League victory.

A few weeks ago I discovered a new phenomenon: Sorare. Based on the blockchain, this game uses NFT technology in the form of cards to buy, use and then trade. A little reminder of NFTs: These are tokens registered in the blockchain that are unique. A Sorare card is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Some cards are now worth tens of thousands of euros.

I delved into the website ecosystem that is both addicting and has a very bright future for me. Presentation and opinion on the game in this Sorare review.

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What is Sorare?

Sorare is a French company specializing in blockchain. It has just raised a new € 40 million and continues to grow exponentially.

Sorare’s concept is based on the possession and use of cards by more or less rare players among the brand’s 126 partner clubs. Twice a week the platform offers championships with which you can win rare cards and sums in Ether, the currency used on the platform.

I made two mistakes before signing up. Read these lines carefully if you want to play Sorare. The first was not to use sponsorship. Using a referral link (like this one) can get you a free rare card after winning 5 auctions. Given the current value of the cards, this can be a real boost to your progress.

Boubacar Kamara’s unique menu on Sorare © press-citron

The second is choosing my three favorite teams upon registration. Remember to consult the list of partner clubs in the game (so far 126) and choose the best ones, as the first cards offered are players from these three clubs. These are the two essential measures to get off to a good start in Sorare.

How do you play Sorare?

Once you have registered you have two options to play.

The first is to just stay in free mode. You are therefore accessing the “Rookie Starter” championship and the prizes on offer are interesting but almost inaccessible with a rare ticket for the top three of the championship and base tickets for the rest. For your information, the last rookie league I competed in had over 15,000 players. It is important that this Rookie League can only be played 8 times, so that only beginners can try their luck.

A “Tag” on Sorare is played as follows. You choose 5 players (a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker + another field player). They are given a rating based on their real life performance. By adding the points you scored, you can find out your ranking and price.

The second choice is to play in paid mode and this is where Sorare’s potential is immense in my view. Sorare offers four types of cards:

Common cards (unlimited) / White Rare cards (100 per player, per season) / Red Super rare cards (10 per player, per season) / Blue Unique cards (1 per player, per season) Black

Rare cards must be used for all championships (except for rookie starters). In my Sorare Test, I decided to give priority to the All-Star Championship in the 4th division, which requires at least four rare ones. This championship offers a rare card for the first 130 (more or less strong depending on rank), and the first three win 0.2 ETH, 0.3 ETH and 0.5 ETH respectively. In the long run the game can be interesting, if you score more than 205 points you will win 0.01 ETH and 0.02 ETH for more than 250 points. If you build a strong team, you can strive for these goals almost all the time.

The various championships in Sorare © Presse-citron

In order to participate in this championship, you will need to purchase rare tickets. You can do this with direct payment by credit card or by depositing funds into your Sorare wallet, credit card, or cryptocurrency. It is this final decision that I made, and as for NBA Top Shot, I think you should think carefully beforehand about the amount you want to wager to avoid the cost multiplying.

You need an external wallet like MetaMask to deposit your money with ETH. In the game you can then display the number of cards in euros or ETH. I chose the latter solution while the course is very different.

In total there are more than 20 championships for all levels. The further you go, the more important the prices become. The winner of the single card championship wins 3 ETH per day or approximately € 4,500 depending on the value of the ether at the time of writing this review on Sorare.

Player trading accessible to all

While your performance at various championships will largely depend on your real-life knowledge (I missed 0.01 ETH because my Russian midfielder was injured on the last day), you can also see Sorare as a trading platform for expanding your portfolio. You can always get your winnings back by withdrawing funds on the platform.

There are three ways to recruit players on Sorare. The first: auctions. Every day new players are introduced to the platform and users offer to recruit them. In auctions you can also get “packs” with 5 players from the same club.

Auctions on Sorare © press-citron

The second is through the market. In this section, Sorare players sell their nuggets (for 48 hours) and you can buy them directly. The trading system is attractive because you can make offers that are below the price set by the player’s manager. It is then up to him to accept or not.

Pro tip: remember to join the Discord in the game. You can communicate with users to trade or negotiate prices. This is the most exciting part of Sorare for me. We are truly the sporting director of our own club and we make rational investments.

Sorare Market © Presse-Citron

You have to be very smart when buying your players. The competition is fierce and during this Sorare review I saw very few pricing errors from the managers. Also remember to find out about the coveted players so as not to experience any nasty surprises.

As a small personal example, I invested 0.08 ETH in Ghoulam, which seemed to be getting back in shape after months of absence, and told me its value would go up. It just sustained a serious injury, and two minutes after its release, over 10 rare cards were on sale when the price fell. You can also do the reverse and select injured players to buy cheaply and use when they return. Small personal message to Jordan Amavi, it is time to come back. 🙂

Direct offers on Sorare © Presse-citron

The third way to attract new players is through the cards on offer. You can get rare players, either through your league achievement or sponsorship, which gives you a rare card once you’ve won 5 auctions. Once you are registered, you can start sponsoring your relatives. If he wins 5 auctions, they’ll get a rare card, and so will you.

Some tips about Sorare

Like any beginner, I’ve made mistakes at Sorare. The first was not to go through a Sorare referral link to get a free card. Receiving a free card is always a real plus for progress. If you are lucky enough to stumble across a title goalie this is a jackpot.

Another mistake was that I didn’t know enough about the market for certain purchases. I now have three tools to prevent this from happening. The first is the SorareData site, a real gold mine of information about the game. For example, I know that my club has had a price of 50% since it was founded. The second concerns the well-known transfer market where you can get all the information about players in real life. Finally, the third is the FotMob application which allows you to receive notifications about specific players and clubs.

Another point of vigilance when starting out: the end of the season is near for some championships. The market is now turning to MLS and certain Asian championships that will be held throughout the summer. Think about it before looking for new players.

It is also important to anticipate your players’ score. The statistics are those of Opta and read the explanation pages on Sorare carefully to assess the potential of your players. Each card receives a bonus depending on experience, which can make all the difference on a championship day. Seasons are also important as a 2021 player card is eligible for an instant 5% bonus on this year’s games. If we move on to the next, they will be lost and the value will go down. Even so, I think it’s a good strategy to invest in cards from the past, which are often cheaper.

8% bonus for my Enner Valencia card © Presse-citron

The balance of your team is important, finding title players for each position is paramount, as a player who does not play scores zero points. Currently in the game, the eponymous rare guards are extremely expensive. To attack the global all-star division in Division 4, it is better to rely on a “common” goalkeeper. Its rating will lose about 40% of its value, but it is still possible to go for the 250 points like this.

My opinion on Sorare

After this multi-week Sorare test, the platform has everything it needs to become a phenomenon in France and around the world. The business model is solid: Sorare makes money with fees and especially with every new auction.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Currently inflation is very high in the price of players and it is almost impossible to have an affordable, skimpy goalkeeper. However, the platform is very stable and evolving day by day.

A partnership with Ubisoft recently enabled the use of Sorare cards in another game, OneShot, which is based on the Belgian championship. This experiment is just one of the first, and there is no doubt that your Sorare cards can serve you elsewhere than on the platform itself. This is also the real difference to NBA Top Shot (our test) which is much more banned. Your cards are yours and you can sell them outside of the game if you want.

Unlike games like FUT, Sorare allows you to get a capital gain on your investment provided you make good sales. To do this, you need to be smart and target the right players. You can also find a 17 year old nugget, close the game, and come back in a few years to resell it. Also watch out for the addictive side, just play the money you don’t need.

As for you, what is your opinion on Sorare? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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