the free and unlimited video conferencing solution that is on the rise!

Are you looking for an alternative to Microsoft Teams? Zoom? Would you like video conferencing software that respects your privacy? We present you kMeet from Infomaniak. Free, unlimited and with strong values ​​(both in terms of ecology and respect for the privacy of its users), kMeet is a sovereign video conferencing solution in the heart of Europe that deserves to be tried. We tell you more.

A free, unlimited, and ever-evolving video conferencing solution

Infomaniak’s kMeet is unique video conferencing software. It does not require registration, is free, without advertising, does not limit the duration of use and respects the privacy of its users.

Where is the trap? There just aren’t any. Infomaniak makes the information on its website clear: you are in no way the product. The video conferencing solution is financed exclusively through the fee-based services offered by the company. This includes web hosting, NAS, backup solutions, etc.

Organize a video conference on kMeet

Back to kMeet: New functions have been added after a new update. Since its launch in April 2020, Infomaniak’s video conferencing solution has seen more than 200. In other words, the service is constantly evolving!

After the recently added session recording via the cloud storage solution kDrive, waiting room and end-to-end encryption, it is now possible to adjust the background of your webcam, to blur it or to still synchronize your next meetings in the calendar suggested by Infomaniak. If you visit the web version of the kMeet video conferencing solution, you will also find that the whole thing benefits from a redesigned user interface.

kMeet: a serious alternative to the giants Zoom and Microsoft Teams

kMeet is a great alternative to Microsoft Teams or Zoom. As with the latter, you can also use the video conferencing software by downloading the application to your device or by visiting the web version.

According to the company, more than 500,000 meetings are held every month with the video conferencing solution kMeet.

The interest of companies, but also of individuals, is growing. This should become even more apparent with the imminent arrival of features like remote control of a computer, as well as the ability to annotate a screen shared by a relative or coworker.

The more time goes by, the closer the kMeet video conferencing software comes to the functions of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Google Meet … and also respect your privacy!

Comparison table of the different video conferencing software available on the market © Infomaniak

What you need to know about the Swiss company Infomaniak

Infomaniak is a well-known and, above all, recognized company in the field of cloud solutions and web hosting (it is the best web host in Switzerland that we were able to test).

Unlike Zoom and Microsoft (which offers Teams), the company is exclusively owned by its founders and employees. This operation enables Infomaniak to be completely economically independent.

Infomaniak owns its data centers and they are all located in Switzerland. It’s also good to note that the company is fully developing its solutions. This allows him technical independence and complete control over security.

Discover Infomaniaks kMeet

Infomaniak’s recent commitment to its kMeet video conferencing solution (and its other products) is timely. The company uses only renewable electrical energy to power its data centers. 60% of this energy is of hydraulic origin and 40% of other renewable sources. Infomaniak goes even further and offsets 200% of the company’s CO2 emissions.

For all these reasons, we are convinced that this solution is a future-oriented alternative to the giants Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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