The PS5 DualSense will be available in black and red very soon!

A few days ago we heard a rumor about new colors for the PS5’s DualSense. According to Spanish media, Sony is preparing two new colors with a red and a gray controller. Three days later the rumor is confirmed! However, it’s not a gray controller, it’s a black model that will arrive on June 18th!

In red and black

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Sony wants to take us to the stars with the two new colors of the DualSense. A “cosmic red” with “an aggressive black and red design that is inspired by the bright red tones throughout the cosmos”. As well as a “Midnight Black” controller and its “two subtle black and light gray tones”. It symbolizes the space seen through a starry night. “

Two new controllers that will go on sale on June 18th at a price of € 69.99.

Aside from the colors, nothing has changed about these controllers, which offer all of the innovative features of the DualSense, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, or even 3D audio. Don’t hesitate to read or reread our full review of the DualSense at this address.

“Our goal is always to find designs that surprise and delight our fans. These new colors are the result of an extensive selection process. We wanted the new controller colors to complement each other, just like the original DualSense wireless controller and PS5 console. That’s why we designed these galaxy-themed colors as it feels to be a natural evolution for the PS5 and original accessories. “”

Leo Cardoso – Sony Interactive Entertainment design team

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“Both Midnight Black and Cosmic Red have a subtle blue tint that creates unique reds and blacks. This shade of blue is also present on the original DualSense wireless controller, so the three colors match well. The colors of the joystick buttons and details have also been designed to match the new colors. We hope these new features will delight our fans and enable them to enjoy their gaming sessions even more. “

Satoshi Aoyagi – Sony Interactive Entertainment Design Team

PS5 DualSense Controller at the best price Base price: 69 €

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Two new colors for the DualSense wireless controller will be available in France on June 18th:
🌑 Midnight black
🌌 Cosmic Redhttps: //

– PlayStation France (@PlayStationFR) May 13, 2021

And you ? Which controllers are you going to fall in love with?

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