This advertisement on 5G is a heartbeat by its realization

Verizon, the operator that split from Yahoo and AOL on May 3, just posted a new ad promoting the arrival of 5G. Called “The Reset”, it takes two minutes and shows what a bad connection might look like in real life.

To achieve this result, the American director Doug Liman teamed up with the MPC studio and the Madwell agency. An important piece of work in special effects to reconstruct the most well-known errors – especially in video games – that occur when our connection is not good.

“Between Doug’s vision and MPC’s relentless attention to detail, we’ve merged a broken video game into a shattered ‘reality’,” said Chris Sojka, co-founder and director of the Madwell Agency, in an interview with Shots. A series of little stories are presented under the eye of an omniscient camera.

The essential 5G

Based on the advertising slogan, the world filmed with connection problems falls apart. He then starts again by taking the foreground of the campaign in which we see a child on a bike leaving home, this time with no problems. Verizon says “Don’t live with delay” on the screen.

An advertising campaign that shouldn’t be talked about to promote the American telecom operator’s new packages. In the US, the 5G network began in April 2019 (AT&T arrived in 2018) in the cities of Chicago and Minneapolis. Since then, coverage has been much broader and the operator aims to regain market share.

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