Vinted raises $ 250 million and sets out to conquer the world

You might not have known it, but the Vinted app that you use to sell clothes, toys, and other video games every day isn’t French (at all). It is a Lithuanian company that today has more than 45 million users in Europe and the US. A company that has just raised 250 million euros to conquer new markets.

Vinted continues its search for the used market

According to TechCrunch, Vinted’s new fundraising enables it to value the company at EUR 3.5 billion and attack new markets. In addition to its country of origin, Vinted is represented in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. A platform that has largely benefited from the various limitations as it has many new users who want to empty their closets.

Even if Vinted is not “of French origin”, the platform is very successful in our country. Indeed, last February, Vinted France confirmed it had more than 16 million users in France, with France being the number 1 market for the Lithuanian group.

It should also be remembered that Vinted has been targeted by many consumer associations. The UFC Que Choisir had drawn Vinted’s attention in particular to its lack of transparency regarding a commission of 70 cents from the sale. 60 million consumers had warned their readers about the many scams spread on the platform.

Last year, during his first detention, Vinted was forced to cease operations in France for a few weeks. Since then, consumers have resumed their sales and purchases of used products on the platform, with a trend towards more responsible consumption habits, according to Vinted. A used market that is exploding all over the world.

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